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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Businesses not only work with talents, but presentation matters a lot. At Cleanseen, we have specialized commercial office cleaning services. May it be a big or small office; we never fail to provide satisfied cleaning services. Every member of Cleanseen team is well educated in art of cleaning and is acutely aware of the detailing required to clean and sanitize an office appropriately with the latest technology and greatest efficiency.

Clean office doesn’t only signify the hygienic aura but also points towards staff morale, higher and better productivity and fewer sick leaves. With all such advantages, cleaning now has become an investment.

From our wide range of services, some of them are:

Cleaning of Showers and Restrooms

  • Scouring of all toilets, showers and sinks.
  • Disinfecting all walls, fixtures, push plates and fittings with our high grade eco-friendly disinfectants.

Cleaning of Cabins Areas and Reception

  • Sanitizing Telephones, Computer Screens, another technical equipment with our high grade eco-friendly sanitizer.
  • Emptying of Bins
  • Sanitizing tables, desks and common areas.
Office Cleaning

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